The Readathon “Rules”

I am a strong believer in “rules are made to be broken”, but I also like a fair amount of order. Therefore, whilst I bring you these “rules”, they’re more like guidelines if the readathon is perhaps your first or you’re thrown a little by which books to pick.

The readathon is a repeated readathon taking place every so often, and there are six challenges each time which covers 7 days of reading. It starts from 0001 on day 1 of the readathon, and finishes 2359 on day 7 of the readathon.

Image result for marvel gif

There are six challenges, but reading 6 books isn’t always workable for everyone, so…

  • Each book can cover up to 2 challenges!
  • Comics and graphic novels are DEFINITELY allowed (for a readathon based around a movie series based around comics, if they weren’t I think that would be a bit harsh!)
  • Non-fiction is also allowed, as are rereads
  • Reading a comic about one of the heroes in the challenges gives you extra kudos
    • (Points don’t actually do anything, they’re just pretty fun)

(As for the points aspect, maybe I might make a special readathon where they do something, but right now, probably not. They’re just for the fun of reading comics about your favourite superheroes.)

I really hope this covered everything – just drop me a comment below or on Twitter (have I plugged the Twitter enough yet?).