Marvel Readathon 1.0 | day 3

It’s already three days (aaah!) into the first Marvel Readathon! How’s your reading going? I’m actually writing these posts in advance (hehe) so I’m really hoping that future me (present me?) is having a good old time with reading so far!

Just like the Hulk I’m pre-planning for any stressful situations by pre-scheduling these posts, but I will be about on Twitter so make sure to give us a bell over there to interact with the hashtag #MarvelReadathon.

Anyway, today’s challenger inspiration is of course…

The Incredible Hulk!

It would be awesome if you could share what you eat and drink when reading. Do you even eat or drink, or does it stress you out in case you spill it on your book?

Image result for hulk gif

I hope you’re all getting along with your reading, so happy reading, and remember to check back in here tomorrow!


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