Dear Reader,

You have come across the Marvel Readathon blog, and I hope you’ll stick about for a little to see what we’re about.

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if that gif makes your heart race, you’re in the right place

The Marvel Readathon is a recurring readathon focussed around characters and films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the MCU). Each readathon takes place over a seven day period, with six challenges, and the aim is to try and read something for every challenge! (And yes, of course comic books count!)

Challenges revolve around a theme like “The OGs”, “The Villains”, “The Asgardians”, “The Ones Who Are Always Left Out”, “RIP” (no spoilers!). Any suggestions are very welcome, just visit the Contact page!

I am really excited to be setting up this readathon; it’s something wanted to see, but when I couldn’t find one myself, I set one up. A similar readathon is the SuperheroAThon, but I wanted one all about Marvel!

I really hope you’ll take part with us and have fun reading books with challenges that might be a bit different from any other readathon.

Feel free to follow on Twitter if you’d like quicker updates, and I hope to see you here when the readathon begins. Make sure to subscribe if you want updates dropped straight into your email.

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