The Marvel Readathon 2.0 | thank you & until next time!

Hey everyone!

It’s been about a week since the readathon ended and I just wanted to write a quick post to say: THANK YOU!

I absolutely adored Ant-Man and the Wasp and for me this was the best way to celebrate it. I had a great time reading some fab books and I hope that you did, too.

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If you enjoyed this readathon, make sure to give us a follow and follow us on twitter to stay up to date. I’d love to run another readathon before the end of the year! And if you’d be so kind, share this readathon around to all of your bookish friends who might want to join in.

Until then, happy reading! – Hannah

Marvel Readathon 2.0 | day 7

It’s the final day of the readathooooooon! Aaah!

So of course today we’re celebrating a film that, personally, I loved:

Ant-Man and the Wasp!

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Personally, I feel like Ant-Man is an underrated hero, especially after seeing the second film… so what is a book that you feel is underrated? Share it and perhaps you’ll find a new book to follow up!

So for the last time (bored of seeing this yet?) jump over to our Twitter to say hi and share what you’re reading on the final day of the ‘thon!

Marvel Readathon 2.0 | day 6

It’s the penultimate day of the readathon! How’s it going for you?

Day 1 celebrated Ant-Man and yesterday was Giant-Man, but today we’re celebrating my favourite of the lot:

Scott Lang!

Related image

Scott, if you didn’t know, is Ant-Man’s persona. He’s also a dad, and a great one at that… so shout out to your human hero! Is it a family member, a friend, an author, perhaps a celebrity?

So, enjoy the second to last day of the readathon everyone, and hope onto our Twitter to say hi before we close for another round! *cries again*

Marvel Readathon 2.0 | day 5

Only a few days left of the readathon *sobs*! Who can believe that?!

Anyway, today we’re going of course to one of Scott Lang’s personas who kinda stole the Civil War show:


Image result for giant man gif

For this incredibly large character, you can take a picture or just tell us a title, but I want to know: What is your favourite tome? A tome is a book, but it’s especially a large one!

Anyway, back to reading. Are you reading any tomes? Share them with me on Twitter… where we’re also running sprints & just having general chit-chat!

Marvel Readathon 2.0 | day 4

So yesterday may have been half way through the readathon for you, but today definitely is!

Today we’re celebrating Ant-Man OG:

Dr. Hank Pym!

Image result for hank gif antman

Now, in the first film, we find out that Hank loved Hope’s mum more than (almost) anything. So today, I would like to know – who’s your OTP*? (Or one of them, at least!)

*One true pairing

Keep reading, folks, only three days left from here! (And if you’re not already, give a buzz on Twitter!)

Marvel Readathon 2.0 | day 3

We’re nearly half way through the readathon! How’s it going for you?

Today we’re celebrating the so-called baddie in Ant-Man and the Wasp:


Image result for ghost gif antman

I think there could’ve been so many prompts I could’ve chosen for Ghost, but I didn’t want to give away any potential spoilers for the film, so we’re gonna go with… what’s a fictional piece of tech that you’d love in the real world?

And y’all know the drill – hope on over to Twitter to join in with reading sprints and general chit-chat!

Marvel Readathon 2.0 | day 2

It’s day 2 of the readathon! How’s it going for you?

For day 2, we of course move onto another of the duo:


Wasp – or Hope Van Dyne – is so badass, and has quickly become one of my favourite female characters… but who is one of your favourite female characters? Which book is she from? (And, if you want – why is she your favourite?)

Image result for wasp gif antman

So how’s your reading going? I’d love to know! Make sure to head on over to Twitter to join in with some reading sprints!